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JdN Antanos

So, I purchased a box of JdN Antanos before my first daughter was born. The plan was to smoke one when she was born and then one on every one of her birthdays, writing a note to her, and replacing the cigar in the box with that note. Thing is, I don't really care for the Antanos any more. I have 15 left, I have had them since 2009. I am looking to trade them for a different box, something I would enjoy more. The thing is, it needs to be a nice box, too. I normally wouldn't care about the actual box itself, but in this case I intend to hand the box with all the notes in it down to her, so I want it to be a nice quality box.

Is anyone interested in 15 Antanos with about 4 and a half years on them? If anyone wants to do this, I will throw in enough other cigars to even out the trade for a new box, or you can just take out the additional cigars from the box so that there are only 15 left in it. I would be down for any of the following:

Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri
My Father Le Bijou Toro
Flor de las Antilles Toro (not toro gordo)
Oliva Master Blends III Churchill or Robusto
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