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Ave Maria Immasculated

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Started out with me looking for a stick which strews less stinkage. Something I can smoke beside the fire in Winter without ruining Bearswatter's evening. I asked this brotherhood. Someone who knew how I love the Ave maria suggested Ave Maria Immaculata. Some time passed. I forgot about it. Last week, our affable forum hosts offered a smokin deal on a box of Immaculatas by throwing in an extra half box of Aves free. I asked the brotherhood for an Immaculata to try. Two responded. We swapped. I smoked the two. That's the background.


Do you love a good stout? I know I do. How about if I told you Guinness came out with a new Guinness Lite. Wouldn't that kinda miss the point of stout? That's about where the Ave Maria Immaculata lands with me. It's not that it isn't good, or isn't well made, or tastes bad. It's just, after enjoying now my second box of Aves, I am ruined for Ave lite. basically, it tastes like you peeled the wrapper off an Ave and lit what's left. Here's the puzzle: I like Coors well enough. Thing is, when you pick up a Coors, you are not thinking stout. Modelo Especial is da bom. Not a stout. Likewise here. There's not much doubt my love for Aves stands in the way of my appreciation for Immaculatas. They shoulda named it Quarterback Sneak instead of Hail Mary, put a different band on it, and I woulda liked it just fine.

I puzzled for the longest time how to describe the flavor. Here's what I come up with: My dad used to be a big grass chewer. Back in push mower days, before trimmers, he liked the foot and a half tall sweet green shoots that always remained beside the fence. Me, I preferred the four inch high purplish shoots of what we called devilgrass. The shoots with a palm shaped top on them, that sprung up overnight. rather than the sweet long green kind. They have a tart spice in the juice. That's what I got out of the AMI.

A great cigar no doubt. Terrific conbstruction, burn, aroma, flavor. If I'd run onto them before the others, I'd be all over them. As it is, I just can't pull the trigger on these. I would enjoy the ten they throw in free more than the twenty in the box.

On the flip side, one strange one gifted me a Torano Colosseum with the AMI he sent. Love that. Scored a box of them. I figure the weather has to turn soon. I'll be smoking in the garage, or smoking while hammering on the porch. Bearswatter's nose won't be an issue.

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