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Estate pipes and racks

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My old man brought some of his old pipes and accessories. The two more ornate pipes are Mastersens and the other is a Uhle's. Just curious what any of you may know/think about these. image image
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  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    Mastersen was made in Israel. Most likely your pipes look like they were made in the mid 70's at a guess. They are not really expensive pipes (and can be found if you are looking for more) but the few people I know that smoke them say they are good smokers so you should have some good quality pipes to start out with.

    Uhle's no longer makes pipes that I know of but again it looks like a good quality pipe, most likely from about the same timeframe as the other two. The stems can be buffed out and should look like new with a little work. You should not need a buffing wheel. Just look at some YouTube videos some will show how to do it without the wheel and nothing I see here would suggest that it needs anything that extreme. They should be cleaned well before using, however.
  • Cool piece of family history. A neighbor of ours that I used to help out from time to time had quite the collection of pipes - he had a few that looked like these.
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