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imagephoto IMG_20140405_212314.jpg Ive heard some good things about Fonseca, though I've never tried one. Upon lighting I noticed sweetness and abundance of leather (odd overpowering leather like my old smoking jacket). The body is deff medium with zero spice or pepper. Burn was somewhat uneven and medium smoke output. I like to read reviews before smoking a cigar that is new to me and some reviews claim it's full bodied. This is no where near full, and would do as a morning smoke due to the apparent absence of ligero. 85/100 on my arbitrary scale of cigar bad assatrey. Herf on BTOL.


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    I seem to remember liking this cigar, but it's been awhile. Fonseca is one of those brands that I'm always wary of. Some of their products, eg 5 Vegas Relic, I really like. Others, couldn't say which right now, leave me wishing I'd spent my money elsewhere. Not terrible, just not what I'd have preferred. I think there was a Fonseca Vintage that I liked, as well.
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