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tat fans

i did this for a few peeps here, and on another forum
i can do about 2-3 of these only
can sell out right or trade
what i am looking for in trade , tat monsters #1 frank #2 drac #3 face, tat tubos, cc's/isom pyramide types,viaje antidote, friends and family
p/m for info

what's included 1 of each

SW Reserva
Corona Gorda
Petite Lancero
Cojuno '12 Sumatra
Regios Reserva
#5 Monster Mummy
CDM Wet Pack Cojuno
El Triunfador No#6
Old Man And The "C" Black Coffin (1 lancero,and 1 3-cigar culebra)



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    PM sent
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