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I have an interview tomorrow to move up to management at a store closer to home. Two possible positions, one as lodge manager (currently a lodge supervisor) and the other a sales support manager. I am super excited to be interviewing and have my current store management supporting me and pushing all the right people to promote me. I have never had an interview where I wasn't offered a I am pretty confidante.. But not so much to where it is cocky. I still need some good vibes sent my way. This would be huge for my fily and a large pay increase...hell the gas money I will save is a raise by its self.


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    My very best thoughts coming your way.
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    Good luck and creamy white smoke to you sir!

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    Best wishes!!!
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    Just be confident and professional. They will see you go the extra mile for the organization. Good luck!!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck, and it sounds like they want you for the job.
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    Good luck brohammer.
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    Go get 'em, Shane! You got this!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck.
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    Good luck bro
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    On to the second TBD.
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    2nd one? im sure you nailed it man... usually 2nds a sign! Good Luck Brother!

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