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Is it me?

I'm not sure if its me or the cigar.  Occasioanly I get cigars that are not necessarily hard to draw but dont produce much smoke.  Some draw easy and some draw hard.  On these particular cigars (brand varies) I have to take 2-3 really long puffs to get any good smoke.  They seem to burn pretty even they just dont produce much smoke.  This cause them to burn really hot and get bitter.  If I dont take these long puffs I dont get any smoke and it not very enjoyable.  Is this a poorly rolled cigar or am I doing something wrong.  I have not been smoking cigars for very long and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks  Joe


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    What is the relative humidity of your storage on said smokes?
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    jruddyjruddy Posts: 2
    Its between 70 and 72.
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    kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    most cigars do better between 65 and 70.

    Im not sure that this is your issue but it couls help if you bring your RH down a few points.
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    I enjoy mine at 66%...the reason it takes a couple puffs is because the humidity is built up so high in the tobacco that the cigar will die out on you almost completely and those 2-3 puffs will make it re-light itself like when you first lit the cigar causing the bitterness of partially burnt out tobacco to make its way through the cigars
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    golfcigarjunkiegolfcigarjunkie Posts: 61
    The humidification setting of a humidor is a sticky point and I think people forget that we all live in different climates. This means when you take your cigar out of the humidor what happens depends on the outside humidity. I live in an extremely dry climate. 0 – 25 % in the winter and 25 – 50 % in the summer. I like to keep my humidor a little higher than most of the experts would advise. I gauge my humidity on how my cigar smokes and feels….a number is just that a number. If your cigar keeps going out drop the humidity if your cigars are unwrapping, splitting and feel dry bump it up. “ It ain’t rocket science”.
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    CastleCrestCastleCrest Posts: 51
    Try lreaving a cigar out for a few hours (depending on room RH)
    & then see how it smokes!
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    Try leaving a cigar out for a few hours (depending on room RH) & then see how it smokes!
    Preferably not a sauna :)
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