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Hey Grandpa, can I try that?

A grandfather and his grandson were sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset. The grandfather takes a beer out of a cooler and cracks it open and starts to drink it. The grandson goes, "Hey grandpa, can I have some of that?" The Grandfather replies, "Can you touch your as*hole with your d*ck?" The grandson says, "What?!? No, no I can't grandpa!" "Then you can't have any." He replies. So the grandson pouts in his chair and the grandfather finishes his beer. Then the grandfather takes out a big cigar, lights it up, and starts to puff away at it. "Hey grandpa, can I have a puff of that?" says the grandson. "Well can you touch your as*hole with your d*ck?" the grandfather says. The grandson replies, "NO grandpa, I already told you that!" "Well then you can't have any." So the grandson gets up and storms into the house, slamming the screen door. A few minutes later he comes back outside and sits down with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. The grandfather eyes them and says, "Hey grandson, can I have one of those cookies?" The grandson chews a cookie, thinking. He finally says, "Can you touch your as*hole with your d*ck?" The grandfather swells his chest out and says, "Hell yeah I can!" And the grandson replies, "Good, then go f*ck yourself, grandma made these for me!"


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