ok . CVS tobacco 50% off

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hey brothers, i know not too many of you smoke machine mades but i admit on occasion ive torched up a couple dutchmasters from time to time(was first cigar i smoked with my grandfather) so just putting this out there seems cvs is no longer going to be selling tobacco of any type.so all inventory marked down 50-75% off.ppipe tobacco included and pipes.just sharing some info!!!!!
For a moment i dont even care.. Until i feel its hand on my neck


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    I will make book they are going to stop selling tobacco products of any kind.
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    My neighbor is a store manager and ask me if I wanted any cigars they sell. They are at 60% discount.
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    I will make book they are going to stop selling tobacco products of any kind.
    The betting window closed on this subject months ago when they announced they would stop selling tobacco. I figured they had already sold off their stock. Maybe I should get me some swisher's on the way home.
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