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whoa.....Black Widow Spider....

jd50aejd50ae West Gnawed Pencil, TNPosts: 7,934 ✭✭✭✭✭
...laying egg sack in a very strange place. On my bedroom door in the top right corner. If I had not seen the spider I would not have known what it was. Don't usually mess with spiders other then Black Widows and Brown Recluse, of which there are tons of, but this one had to go. RIP ole girl....


  • jlmartajlmarta 50 miles from ParadisePosts: 7,935 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, bitey things are in a class all by themselves. I remember years ago when, as a young city boy from Detroit, I was getting ready to report for the first day on a new job on the desert in Palmdale, California. I sat on the edge of my bed to pull my boots on and something was squirming around in the toe of one boot. I quickly pulled it back off and dumped out the first live scorpion I'd ever encountered. I still don't like bitey things...... ??
  • honorknight7honorknight7 Posts: 525
    Hey Jd, about 8 years ago I was living in Susanville CA. they were having a lot of black widow infestations around town along with several brown recluse spider bites happening, the black widows were very bad at my house, not only outside but seemed like I was finding them all over inside as well. I tried many different things and even bombed the house a few times and nothing worked more then a few weeks to a month before they would come back, then I was turned on to an Ortho product by our vet because most spider/pest products are harmful to dogs, this one works great and after about an hour (soon as it's dry) is pet/people safe, been using it twice a year inside the house, garage, & storage shed, and 3 times a year around the outside perimeter of the house, still use it in Nevada here also, we have a lot of black widows in Reno here too, along with a spider I don't know what it is (looks like a mix of a wolf spider / scorpion & centipede, that average 2" in length and live in holes in the ground)
    This is what I use....
    Ortho Home Defense MAX® Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter
    I very rarely ever see a spider in the house now, when I do its a dead daddy long leg, and even under my house I normally only see dead spiders, I still find black widow nests out back usually under the bottom fence rail (it's about 150' from the house), but they don't live on the house itself anymore like they used to, the only draw back I've noticed with it is every time I use it - out side, I will notice dead pincher bugs (Earwigs) around the base of the house, it kills them but for some reason they are attracted to go to it and die
    I will take LuLu outside, then spray all baseboards/door & window frames/behind & under all furniture -beds-desks-couches & chairs/behind and around all appliances/under all cabinet kick plates/inside & around all closets/inside all bathroom exhaust vents/and the furnace vents & intake vent, then after I'm done I wait an hour and let LuLu back in the house. Then wait at least a week to do the outside perimeter of the house and all door/window frames, I wait a few days so that the outside bugs wont be tempted to go inside because I treated the inside already
    Don't know if it's something you will try but I've been doing this for 8 years now and have had nothing but great results with it, I go through about 3 gallons a year at (locally) 8 bucks per gallon
  • AshMeAshMe Miami, FLPosts: 343
    Wow. No picture?
    "Do you smoke? Mind if I do?"  - Genie, in Aladdin. 
  • jd50aejd50ae West Gnawed Pencil, TNPosts: 7,934 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wow. No picture?

    There was nothing but squishy stuff left. At the time a camera never crossed my mind.
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