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Embarrassing post of the day...

D_FreshD_Fresh Posts: 610 ✭✭✭
These are for these posts that won't be judged aside from their stupidity...


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    D_FreshD_Fresh Posts: 610 ✭✭✭
    I can't win at Madden without Turn Down for What being played. It's embarrassing because I used to own that game...
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    Ken_LightKen_Light Posts: 3,537 ✭✭✭
    D Fresh:
    I can't win at Madden without Turn Down for What being played. It's embarrassing because I used to own that game...
    I have no idea what you're talking about. It's embarrassing because I used to love that game on the Sega Genesis...
    ^Troll: DO NOT FEED.
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    variant2variant2 Posts: 882 ✭✭✭✭
    Ken Light:
    D Fresh:
    I can't win at Madden without Turn Down for What being played. It's embarrassing because I used to own that game...
    I have no idea what you're talking about. It's embarrassing because I used to love that game on the Sega Genesis...
    I don't remember having Madden on my Atari 2600.

    Cнeerѕ! Moтнerғυcĸer
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    jd50aejd50ae Posts: 7,900 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Madden NFL 15 August 26, 2014 X360 PS3 + 3 more The 26th annual Madden NFL football game. Madden NFL Mobile August 26, 2014 IPHN IPAD ANDR The popular Madden NFL franchise comes to mobile platforms. Madden NFL 25 August 27, 2013 X360 PS3 + 4 more

    Celebrating 25 years of John Madden Football. No correlation to the year 2025. Madden NFL 13 August 28, 2012 X360 PS3 + 6 more

    Madden NFL 13 is Electronic Arts' football sim for the 2012-2013 NFL season. Madden NFL 12 August 30, 2011 PSP PS2 + 5 more

    EA's long-running NFL series returns with its 2011 release, Madden NFL 12. It features Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis on the cover, who won as a result of fan voting. Madden NFL Football March 27, 2011 3DS

    A football game that launched with the Nintendo 3DS, developed by EA Sports' North Carolina studio. It was one of the most poorly-received launch titles for the system. Madden NFL 11 August 9, 2010 PSP PS2 + 6 more

    This year's Madden is the 22nd in the annual installment and features the slogan "Simpler, Quicker, Deeper". Madden NFL Arcade November 24, 2009 XBGS PS3N

    Five-on-five football is available for the down-loadable services as Madden NFL Arcade. Madden NFL 10 August 13, 2009 PSP PS2 + 4 more

    Madden 10 propels us into the next decade with procedural awareness. Madden 10 introduces a physics based player interaction engine known as Pro-Tak that features gang tackles, improved OL/DL play, and WR/DB interactions. Madden NFL 09 August 12, 2008 PSP PS2 + 4 more

    Twenty years in the making, a new Madden arrives, this gridiron great allows you to showcase your skills in this annual tradition of football Americana. Madden NFL 09 All-Play August 12, 2008 Wii

    All-Play is the Wii-only version of Madden NFL 09. Live Draft Tracker July 16, 2008 XBGS

    A fantasy draft game for the Xbox Live Arcade. Madden NFL 08 August 14, 2007 MAC PSP + 8 more

    Madden NFL 08 is the 19th installment in the Madden franchise. While flaunting enhanced graphics, this version also introduced new animations, Hit Stick 2.0, and a player "weapon" mechanic to help distinguish the good from the great. Madden Season 2 August 30, 2006 ARC

    The sequel to the Madden NFL Football on the arcade Madden NFL 07 August 22, 2006 GBA PSP + 8 more

    Madden NFL 07 was the first version of Madden to appear on the Wii and the PS3. It also added lead blocking controls along with numerous other new features. Madden NFL 06 August 8, 2005 GBA PSP + 6 more

    Madden '06 introduces the Truck Stick and Superstar Mode to EA's popular Madden franchise. Madden NFL Football September 1, 2004 ARC

    The arcade version of Madden Madden NFL 2005 August 9, 2004 GBA PS2 + 6 more

    Madden NFL 2005 was one of the better years of the Madden series with improved features, physics, presentation and graphics. Madden NFL 2004 August 12, 2003 GBA PS2 + 4 more

    Madden 2004 introduced Playmaker Controls and owner mode to the Madden franchise. Madden NFL 2003 August 12, 2001 GBA PS2 + 4 more

    A football game from EA sports. With commentary from John Madden & Al Michaels and St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk on the cover. Madden NFL 2002 August 13, 2001 GBA PS2 + 6 more

    Madden NFL 2002 was the first game to feature the expansion team, The Houston Texans and Daunte Culpepper was the player on the cover of the game. Madden NFL 2001 August 22, 2000 PS2 PS1 + 3 more

    Madden's first release on the PS2 system. Madden NFL 2000 August 31, 1999 MAC PS1 + 3 more

    Madden 2000 is a football game released on the the Playstation and N64 consoles. Madden NFL 99 July 31, 1998 PS1 N64 PC

    The first Madden to feature fully 3D polygon models. Madden Football 64 October 24, 1997 N64

    The first game in the Madden series to be released on the Nintendo 64. Unlike most games in the series, it did not feature the NFL license. Madden NFL 98 September 1997 GEN SNES + 3 more

    The annual addition of Madden for '97 NFL season. It was the last in the franchise to be released on the SNES, Genesis, and Saturn. Madden NFL 97 January 1, 1996 GB GEN + 4 more

    Madden NFL 97 was the first Madden NFL football game to be created in the 32-bit gaming era. Madden NFL 96 January 1, 1995 GB GG + 3 more

    Madden NFL 96 is the 1995 edition of the yearly EA football franchise. It was the first version to feature create-a-player. Madden NFL '95 January 1, 1994 GB GG + 2 more

    Madden NFL '95 is a football game that had all the features of Madden NFL '94 and more. Madden NFL '94 October 1993 GEN SNES

    Madden NFL '94 is the sixth game of the Madden NFL Franchise chronologically and introduced play-call mode, pass-catch mode, the bluff play, and the ability to flip the selected play. 35 results 1 2

    Latest News 0 Worth Reading: 10/25/2013 Probably the last place you'd probably come for Tampa Bay Buccaneers coverage. 0 Madden Makers Sued by Game's Original Programmer, Also Some Dudes So, about that email you may have gotten... Top Rated Lists for Madden NFL

    28 items Sport WWE "scratch" logo Punch-Out!! Logo 360 box art (cropped) Madden's current logo.

    36 items Popular Frachises I Never Got Into Madden's current logo. NBA Live - EA Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy

    7 items Core Franchises I Have Skipped Blizzard Entertainment Madden's current logo.

    John Madden Duo CD Football October 14, 1993 TGCD John Madden Duo CD Football for the Turbo Duo was the first and only installment of the Madden franchise on the TurboGrafx systems. John Madden Football '93 January 1, 1992 GEN SNES

    John Madden Football '93 was an early title in the popular football series. Released on the Genesis and SNES in 1992. John Madden Football '92 January 1, 1991 GEN

    John Madden Football '92 is one of the first games in the Madden series and introduced many new features that are still in Madden games today. John Madden Football II April 18, 1991 PC

    John Madden Football January 1, 1989 GEN SNES + 3 more

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