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Proper cigar storage

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I always like to read articles on cigars and have found some to be well mind blowing. Some say 72-76rh is a ok level! Some say 70-73 degrees is a good temp! I feel like this is a great way to get mold and beetles. Personally even the 70/70 is too high and I try to keep my stick at 62-67rh and 60-65 degrees. I know not all of us can do this and I'm sure some think it's extreme but it keeps my mind at ease. Now a lot of people say you need to store in a wooden humidor...this is untrue again. As long as it can hold humidity your good! I've kept over flow in ziplocks with boveda packs and never had a issue. Plus as most of us know coolers and wine cellars are great! Yeah the smell of cedar is nice but not needed. As for beetles and mold...I fear mold the most! If stored at lower temps and rh beetles are not that big of an issue,but I have seen mold grow at low temps and low rh. As for letting your cigars breathe this really depends if you are aging them or not. Longer term aging I seal the cigars up in ziplocks,for normal situations cello on in the humi or what ever you choose. Cellos were made for damage control and don't affect anything IMO. Taking the cello off can cause damage from them rolling around and cracking the foot. But really the cello is a personal thing but I think it's a good thing! Any way I hope this helps any noobs
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