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Flor de Oliva vs. Regional Primeros

While I don't smoke everyday I do like to have some less expensive smokes around for certain situations.  What is everyones opinions on these brands?  Anything else you would reccomend for a good low cost cigar?  Preferably med.-full body.


  • Nica Libre
  • 5 vegas
  • You can try the Perdomo Fresh Cuban Wheels.....you can get them pretty cheap at times, i love this cigar....its med to full flavor and tasty.
  • JFJF Posts: 54
    5 vegas classic
  • I agree with the others, as to good inexpensive cigars. The Flor De Olivas are even less expensive. I assume you mean you want to have cigars on hand that aren't expensive to give to folks who really wouldn't appreciate the diference. I have smoked the Flor De Oliva. They are OK. They have a sweet cap, FYI. Never tried Regional Primeros.
  • Good thread, I've always been interested in the Regional Primeros, but have never had a chance to try them. To be honest there are so man crazy deals lately that I've been able to stock my humi with some awesome sticks without breaking the bank.
  • nsezellnsezell Posts: 294
    Ive smoked a bundle of fhe flor de oliva and the 25 stick primeros sampler and actually liked both for the price. Theres more variety with the primeros, but the oliva are a better smoke. They are both what i call poker smokes. Meaning i keep them in a coffee table humi for nonsmoking friends when they come over for things like cards and football.
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