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Rocky Patel 1961

I suck at reviews and such... so Ill leave it at this. I just lit up the 1961 I picked up at a local event, and holy crap... I am very glad I have a few more, and really sad that I didnt pick up a full box at the insane discount I could have had one for. This is probably one of the best sticks ive ever had. I just know I love it, cant give info on hints of this or that... lol.


  • NYHCx516xNYHCx516x Posts: 728
    A bit more as I go...

    Its the torpedo. And its beautiful. Dark wrapper. Its almost a sin to burn, but screw that! Its lit and tasty.

    This sucker is strong too!
  • NYHCx516xNYHCx516x Posts: 728
    One downer so far... Its not holding its ash much at all. Might be because I'm walking around with it. Wonderful night here in Madison WI though. Im out on my porch, its clear, no wind, cool but comfortable. The leaves have all dropped off the trees, so I have a great view of the glowing white capital building.
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