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Charities that sell stuff?

I lieu of buying Christmas gifts from stores, I'm going to be buying most gifts this year from charities. For the ladies I'm going to buy things from the Susan G. Komen site, but I need a site that sells better things for guys. I was hoping to find something that may benefit sick kids or cancer research/treatment, and would be a decent gift for a guy. Any ideas?


  • SmokeeeSmokeee Posts: 221
    We've been discussing doing something along these lines this year as well. St. Jude's has some rather nice things for the guys on your Xmas list! Check it out: http://shop.stjude.org/GiftCatalog/shop.do?cID=12702
  • TheShaunTheShaun Posts: 425
    thanks for that link. keep posting them here if you find more!
  • St Jude also has over fifty retail and restaurant partners involved in their annual Thanks and Giving program. Most offer some special or sale that has donation in the price, and all are accepting donations. If you are looking to support a great charity be on the look out for St Jude partners displaying their Thanks and Giving poster in the windows.
  • SmokeeeSmokeee Posts: 221
    All the following sites also have stores in which a portion of proceeds go toward that charity:


    You can actually just go to any one of these sites and click the tabs at the top of the page to jump to the others. Hope this helps & Happy Holidays!!
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