Thank You Kelly at!

I was checking out the website the other day and saw a Perdomo five pack as the daily deal...I bought two. Later in the day I was telling an office mate about the deal and he wanted to get some. The problem is that we work in Iraq and our internet connections are spotty at best so we missed the deal...or so we thought. I decided to call the 1-800 number for and explain my predicament. The most pleasant young lady you could ever imagine answered the phone, her name was Kelly. I explained to her that I work in Iraq and we have horrible internet connections and asked if I could still get the Perdomo Daily Deal. Without hesitating Kelly hooked us up with four more of the daily deals and she even threw in a couple of freebies.

The friend who the cigars were for was so impressed with the customer service that I think you now have a new loyal fan.

Kelly is the best.


  • Matt MarvelMatt Marvel Posts: 930
    That is awesome! Just when I think CCOM's service can't impress me anymore, they do something like this and prove me wrong.
  • Did you ask her for a date?
  • jpclotfelterjpclotfelter Posts: 294
    T. Gervais:
    Did you ask her for a date?
    I thought about it but I thought it would be kind of creepy. LOL
  • I should start calling in.  Right now I'm just buying online.
  • Hawk55Hawk55 Posts: 846
    hey your avatar!!!
  • JKTexJKTex Posts: 92
    hey your avatar!!!

    T. Gervais:
    Did you ask her for a date?

    Of course he did.  She posed for the avatar.  Big Smile [:D]
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