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Okay, so my family and I use A LOT of internet.  When all four of us are together, we average around 160 gigs a month through our Comcast.  Comcast caps at 300, so no problem.

Problem now is that our new house is in the boonies far enough away that nothing wired reaches.  Comcast had the house in the system but despite sales people saying it had cable, the service guy says the line stops less than a quarter mile away and with no poles to string on...well, we're out of luck.

So, the landlord has a DirecTV dish at the place that I was considering activating, and they have deals with Exede and Hughesnet, both of which supposedly service the area.  What's your experience?  Anyone bundle with either of these and Direc?  I figure if we get the satellite, we'll save by not subscribing to Prime or Hulu and then use less bandwidth, too.  But I'm seriously worried about how these guys work with the amount of data our connected family uses.  (3 tablets, 3 smartphones, 1 laptop, 1 desktop, Smart TV, Wii).  Some habits will have to change, for sure.

Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    Ground your kids till they turn 18, and keep all the precious bandwidth for yourself.
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    From my experience, your definitely in for some shock.  Satellite internet is great for  areas without any other option.  Upload speeds are extremely limited so if you need to connect to work with through a VPN it will not work very well.  The biggest obstacle is streaming movies and online gaming.  The last time I checked  (wanted to leave Time Warner about 3 months ago) none of the major brands allowed this and that was a game changer for my family.  I'm almost positive that you cannot even use DirectTV On Demand because that service uses your internet connection to stream to you.  Things may have changed so be sure to check...

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