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I need to get rid of some cigars

brodskalesbrodskales Saint LouisPosts: 78
I just loaded my humidor and empty sampler boxes with Gurkhas I just bought and I need to make some room. I need to trade with sponsor of the good list so they know this ****'s all good.

Anyway. I have the following cigars up for trade:

One Sol Cubano Maduro Torpedo
One Montecristo Media Noche Churchill
Ave Maria Immaculata 1 Toro, 2 Belicoso, 2 Churchills
One Indian Tabac Cameroon Maduro Robusto

I have a few Tridents but I haven't smoked any of them yet as I just got them today. So I can't tell you what I think about it, the label's nice looking. 

I would prefer to trade as many of them away as I can because I like Gurkhas more than these cigars and I have them stuffed in a cigar.com ziploc with one of their pocket humidifiers.

I'm open to trading for cigars, pipe tobacco, and even accessories. 

I gotta find a more loving home for these cigars.

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