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Last weekend, I rode my Indian Scout the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time. En route, I stopped by First_Warrior's studio to show him how to roll a cigar. He laid this nub holder on me. It's the niftiest cigar doodad I have received since our brother Reyes' stogie rack, also pictured. 

The length of ash represents the additional pleasure I squeezed out of this cigar just by using this keen little nub stabber. Never would have thought about a nub holder if FW hadn't laid this on me.

That shiny nub gem is a habano puro Uppowoc Perfecto -- habano seco filler, bound in habano 2000, wrapped in habano 2000, then aged two months. My current fave. I am going to try another batch with a half a leaf of piloto cubano for sweetness. 

Thanks for the nub fork, FW.
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