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Cigar.com Customer Support - A+ to Marisol

Hey all, first time buyer here and boy am I happy I made the purchase here! 
I had neglected to read the shipping F.A.Q, and didn't realize my order had 
expedited free shipping. What a deal I though. Until I realized that I had to be there to sign(makes sense). I called right at 9 AM today, and spoke to Marisol, who kindly said she would have my order redirected to my workplace. I thought the chances of this happening in one day, were very slim based on other orders with other places. 

Well, here we are less than half a day later and not only did it ship already in one day(ordered this past weekend), the address change for delivery has already been requested! As a first time buyer here, I can't say how pleased I am. Loving the vibe here, and thank you to Marisol! You are a rock star!


  • twistedstemtwistedstem Posts: 3,912 ✭✭✭✭✭
    This place always seems to shine when it comes to customer support!! Welcome to forums
    no matter where you go, there you are.

  • KR5676KR5676 Posts: 1
    Customer support definitely goes above and beyond the norm here.  I had ordered the
    "Alec Bradley ice mold combo pack".  The ice molds were not in the original packaging so I called customer service and was assured they"d be shipped immediately.  The "Colossal cube ice mold square set" arrived two days later.  The original advertisement showed the "sphere ice mold set" with the cigars but I didn't want to bother customer service again.  The problem arose when we tried to use the square cubes and found they were too large to fit in any of our glassware.  I later received an email requesting a review of the Alec Bradley pack.  I commented that the cigars were great but the ice molds were too large for us to use.  Not long after responding with my review, I received email notice of a shipment on the way.  Lo and behold, the package contained the "Sphere Ice Mold Set". They are "freezing" as I write and we look forward to using them soon!  Cigar.com is definitely the way to go when ordering anything "cigar related"!
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