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Do cigars with some age on them need to be dry boxed?

gripnripgripnrip Posts: 502 ✭✭✭
I am one of those guys that has a hard time smoking cigars I have had for a long time, so although I have quite a few cigars with anywhere from 1-5 years on them (what I would consider "aged"), I don't smoke them very often. Yesterday was a special day for me so I broke down and lit up a My Father Le Bijou with 3 years rest. The cigar immediately split from the foot down, about 2-3 inches. All my cigars are in one humi and they are kept at a consistent 63-65% (use Boveda packs). My hygros are digital and are tested regularly. I have experienced splitting on aged cigars before, but it does not occur on cigars that have only a few months on them. I do live in a dry climate, but have seen this happen in summer as well as winter. The splitting almost looks like they are over humidified and then split right away when exposed to flame and ambient humidity. So...any suggestions on how best to avoid this with my treasures? If dry boxing would help, how long should they be "in transition"? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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