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Some things really hurt

CrisiusCrisius Hoquiam, WAPosts: 430 ✭✭✭
@LiquidChaos66's post got me to thinking about items that could be used as "Home Defense".

Recently (3-4 years ago) my dad went through what I like to call his Midlife Crisis. He found something I'd known about for a while and been interested in and bought over the last few years, 3k worth of things. Those things are Airsoft Weapons and accessories.

Together we have spent a lot of time shooting the "Sniper" rifles he has picked up, adjusting the scopes, sighting them in. Attaching pieces to other guns and basically learning to aim and correct for the drop of the BB's and firing in the wind and still hitting the intended targets.

But up until a week ago, we had not shot at or been shot at by one. So I took a few guns out to my cousins place, where we have a shooting/throwing gallery set up as we both teach hand to hand combat and close weapons combat.

Stood 35 feet away, took on of the more "powerful" shotguns and handed it to my cousin with instructions to shoot me.

Those of you that are Washington and Oregon people will know that you layer up, even on sunny days just in case. So I had on an undershirt, long sleeve over that, t shirt over that and a pullover hoodie on over that. Turned around and said "fire when ready".

It hit my right side, in the soft part between the spine and shoulder blade. I was expecting to feel something. I played paintball in my youth and those feel like getting popped with a fat rubber band. But this, this felt like I was having a knife stabbed into my back. Had to take a knee. Now, 4 days later, I still have a sore spot where I was hit and a tiny bruise. Definitely gonna want to be wearing a tactical vest when we play this summer, thankfully I have a decent one.

But then I started thinking about it as home defense. I can do snap shots while jogging and hit stuff up to 80 feet away with accuracy. For fun we started shooting pine cones out of the trees around his place while moving.

So I tried it in the apartment here, acted as if I heard and saw movement at the front door, (put up some papers to outline a 6' body line) and I was hitting eyes/nose/mouth with every shot. I don't know what it's like to get hit with one of those, but I can say this, it would be a hell of a deterrent. If you can't afford or don't like "real" guns. I recommend airsoft. Those things really hurt.
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