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Cigar beetles?

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Newbie here. I bought some cigars here from cigar.com and about three or so have pin sized holes through the length of the cigar. Not in the wrapper. It looks as if someone has slide a pin from the lighting end all the way through to the end. Is this something that I need to worry about? The small hum I bought doesn't seem to work, as it only has a small black hum that I stuck on the roof of the wooden hum. (It looks like a air freshener disc or hockey puck, if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about.)

I've smoked the few that I've found, and they don't taste weird, and other than the hole allowing a bad burn, there isn't anything wrong with them. I've kept them in the cello and the baggies that cigar.com ships them in, because, as I stated above the hum doesn't seem to do anything and since there isn't a way to monitor it, I don't think it will actually be a good hum. 

Am I just being paranoid? Or should I freeze them?

BTW, there is no dust, and no evidence of a hole in the end, until I cut the end off. 

So for the long post. And I did a search, but most folks have stated that the beetles "bore" through the actual wrapper. I've also contacted cigar.com through their contact us page.



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    First off its good you contacted ccom, you need to right away when you have issues so they can try to make it right. I'd call if I had issues.

    Not sure you have beetle issues but I always freeze cigars I order.

    As far as your humi, did you season it for a couple days to a week? Did you add distilled water to you humidifier (the hockey puck)? And you said no way to check it, safe to assume you do not have a hygrometer?  You should put your cigars in tupaware until you get you humidor right instead of baggies if at all possible. 

    Most people here either use heartfelt beads, boveda packs or unsented kitty litter for humidity. 
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    First off change your handle to a real username, then go over and introduce yourself in the newbie welcome thread, then post some pics so we can see what you are referring too. Could just be mishandled seegars. Pics would help a lot. But as kitty cat said u did the right thing by contacting the vendor if any concerns at all.
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    What sticks are they? It would be highly unlikely for beetles to eat a perfectly straight hole through the length of a stick and not touch the wrapper. More than likely it's a poor bunch or too loose of a roll.
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    Could be some June bugs...  they're out this time of year.
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    They will be in full force in a week. 
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    Watch out, Jiunn-bug, they're trying to blame you for the beetle holes....   :p
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