Anyone try the renzulli?

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if not you should try a few! It was blended for a local b&m for me a little bit ago and sales were so good Eric Espinosa asked if he could put it online. The owner of the b&m is the most fantastic owner you could have and even certain cigar company owners will admit his b&m is like a home. The cigar itself is a very well balanced smoke although it's not knock your socks off its a nice change of pace and something that is well enjoyed. It starts off with black pepper and earth as it transitions to a more balanced earth with coffe and a slight sweetness. The finish is good and it doesn't have the longer affect which is nice. This isn't a review since I haven't had one in a while due to being busy and not able to get to the shop but it's just a FYI. I do hope you will at least try one or two and hope you enjoy them! It's nice when you know a online sale will support a b&m
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    Very neat backstory and sounds like a great smoke and supporting some good people too, thanks for the info and heads up brother!

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    I thought they were the machine that makes the ice nice again at hockey games....  Yuck, yuck.... 
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    can you pm me the store? 
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    Ccom sells them but it is the twin smoke shop that was the creators
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