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Analog hygrometer replacement

SteveInTexasSteveInTexas The Republic of TexasPosts: 85 ✭✭✭
I bought this humidor a few weeks ago:


I also bought a digital hygrometer.....actually I bought two and one is a Xykar.  I seasoned the humidor with 84% Boveda packs (6 of the large) for two weeks as instructed.  I also bought a calibration kit and calibrated one of the hygrometers.  The Xykar doesn't appear to be adjustable.  

I placed the calibrated hygrometer into the humidor and let it set for 24 hours and then adjusted the analog (on the humidor) to match that of the calibrated one.  Now the calibrated one is reading 71% and the analog is at 60%.

I am assuming that the analog hygrometer is just junk, but I would really like to have it be accurate.  Is there a replacement for this that anyone knows of?

Also, my humidor is holding steady at about 71%, but that is with 4 large 84% Boveda packs in the bottom of this humidor.  Is that odd?


  • onestrangeoneonestrangeone Austin, TxPosts: 2,441 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah the analog is crap, every rare once in a while someone will get lucky and find one that works ( I have one that's about 20 yrs old that's always within a point or two of the digital) the odds are not good. You can replace it with a face mounted digital.
    The factory calibrated Xikar's have been known to be off sometimes, sometimes a lot! Did you do a salt test on it? Or check it against a boveda pack? 
    I have not used the seasoning packs myself but I would think that after two weeks it would be a bit higher than 71%

  • NorthsideSmokeNorthsideSmoke Not Waconia MNPosts: 515 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    I purchased one of those factory calibrated Xikar's after 48 hours in a Boveda calibration bag is never got over 71. So it's junk IMO.  I would recommend a Caliber 4r digital hygrometer. Mine came in at 74 after two days in the bag and can be adjusted. the cool thing about the Caliber 4 is it look like a analog but it digital.

    Edit: DO NOT do the salt test in this hygrometer it can void the warranty. use the Boveda kit.


    Western Caliber 4R Hygrometer
  • 90+_Irishman90+_Irishman Loveland, COPosts: 12,381 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    I have two of these and love them, use one in one of my desktops and another in my wineador. Nothing but good results and they can be calibrated.

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  • SteveInTexasSteveInTexas The Republic of TexasPosts: 85 ✭✭✭
    I calibrated with the actual calibration packet that Boveda sells.......which looks to me nothing more than a regular Boveda pack and a ziplock bag

    I like the old style looks of the analog......just wish it worked.
  • Lee.mcglynnLee.mcglynn HahahahaaaaaPosts: 5,960 ✭✭✭✭
    Honestly I use bovedas so I use my hygrometers more for temp then anything else. But yes most analogs are junk! But temp plays a big factor in it! If you live in the south a analog will work better. They like higher temps to work. But cooler climates they almost always read under
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