Calibrating my hydrometer

I just got a new humidor for Christmas and it has a digital  hydrometer built in the front. I was wondering if there was any way to check the accuracy of it or should I trust it out of the box? 


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    You need to calibrate it.
    It should just pop out.
    I use a tupperware dish with sealing lid, and a 75% boveda, then leave it for 24 hrs.
    Some use a ziplock bag 
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    Thanks for the tips, I will see if it just pops out and go from there. 

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    There's a thread on this forum about checking the calibration of Zikar hygrometers, that Zikar recommends checking them in Tupperware, not in a bag.  For some reason, maybe because of where the vents and the sensor is located the Zikar's don't read accurately in a Ziploc bag.  I checked the calibrations of my three hygrometers, stuck them in upside-down Tupperware with a Boveda calibration pack to check their accuracy, it worked well.  
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    Just Calibrated my "Sensorpush" over 36 hours w/ Boveda's One Step Calibration kit. Worked well.
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