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Beware of Post Office Sniffer Dogs!

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I bought a box of Amazon Basins from our resident Loon Lake Loonatic. I thought they might make good ammo for my monthly lottery side contests. (Look for the February Lottery and side contest coming up next week.) These Amazon Basins employ rare rope-fermented jungle tobaccos yielding a pungent odor which apparently alerts the post office sniffer dogs. It appears that when the dog on duty sniffed this unique odor he pawed his way into Jim's package then laid a handful of dog rockets on top of the AB box. See here:

Of course, you can't blame it on the dog. He's just working for treats.

Thankfully, the dog's handler picked up these rockets and bagged them in what appears to be the bag which he brought the dog's treats in that day. That handler had written the dog's name on that bag. See here:

Kinda smudged; but the way I read it, it looks like "Hy-de-sz", which from a paucity of vowels I take to mean this must have been a Polish dog, exact breed unknown. I have a friend from Poland who recites a Polish sentence: Strč prst skrz krk literally meaning: "stick your finger in your throat". This sentence and many others he could recite all sound exactly like your mother's pressure cooker when the weight at the top started dancing. I sent him this "Hy-de-sz" to translate. He tells me it means "Burn this with slivovitz". Odd name for a dog. I'm not much for plum brandy, so I will probably try a beer instead.

Anyhoo, we're wandering from the point here, and you know how I hate to wander... which is this: Beware of Post Office Sniffer Dogs ! They leave dog rockets behind.

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    In my line of work, I'm sure the post office goes nuts everytime I send a bomb out lol.
    I've often wondered if they get intercepted.
    They gotta be wondering what I'm sending to nearly every single state.

    IM betting someone is in for a big surprise lmao
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    Love it
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