Don't bet with Charlie

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A week ago Sunday the Detroit Red Wings played the New York Rangers in the afternoon, and I thought it should be a good game let's see if Charlie @CharlieHeis would like to put a fiver on his team.  It was a great game, that was decided in OT, now for the rough part, Charlie does not play nice.  He absolutely destroyed me with this selection, he must take nots as well because there are a many here that I have been eye **** for some time.  Lesson learned sir, lesson learned!  Thank you very much!

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    I'll gladly bomb you Tuesday for an Opus today.

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    Well done! 
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    Nice hit @CharlieHeis
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    Mr. Shizza assisted on this one, I can't take full credit.
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    Epic hit
    I Love those zombies
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    [email protected]! That is amazing! 
    Don't mess with Mr. Heis.  :#
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    Some folks take their hockey seriously, well done Charlie
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    Whoa!  That's a helluva not so sore loser beat down right there.  :D
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    Holy crap! Way to go!!!!!!
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