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Seasoning help!!

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I recently purchased the Baccus 200ct humidor. I am trying to get it seasoned and I have a few questions. I have 8 of the Boveda 84% Seasoning packets in there (2 on each shelf and 2 on the top) and they have been in there since Friday (4 days). The RH inside of the humidor is holding steady at 75% for 3 days straight.

My first question is, how do I know when the seasoning is complete? Is there a certain percentage that it should stay for a certain time

My second question is, will it make it quicker if I add a rectangle humidifier in there to help add more humidity? Will that speed it up?

Thank you in advance cigar fam!


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    I recommend waiting two weeks before using the humidor, waiting the full two weeks before opening it and peeking on the progress too, that's the hardest part.  That gives the humidor enough time to absorb the moisture and stabilize.  If you rush it, you might have problems later and have to re-season.  You can put your cigars in tupperware or a Ziploc bag with Bovedas while you wait, this is the best way to season your humidor.
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