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seasoning a travel humidor

Hey guys, new to the forum and cigar world. I bought an Amancy cedar lined travel humidor and seasoned it to the directions given by Amancy. My humidor is sitting at 80% humidity, can I just remove the humidifier and open it up to lower it to 65%-67% humidity? Or is there another route to take to lower the RH in the humidor?


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    Unless you plan on storing cigars in there for long periods of time i wouldnt worry about seasoning it. 
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    Wecome to the forum. Yes, open it up and let it dry out. I took a look at one of those on Amazon and I was also able to read the instructions. I would not have followed those instructions. What I would do is just place a small boveda packet (8 grams) inside there and leave it a few days before transporting cigars.  And you should keep the boveda in there during transport. If you don't use a boveda then use nothing. I would not use the built in hygrometer at all. You need to remove it. It could grow mold on it if you keep using it.  I would not use your travel humidor for long term storage. Hope this helps. 
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    I'll echo @Bob_Luken here. I have 4 travel humis of different sorts. I've not removed any built in hygros, but I've not filled one up either. A little boveda goes a long way. It's the only thing I'm willing to use in one. If it's only for a day trip, I don't use anything at all. I'd probably push it to 2 days with nothing in there. After that just drop in a (65?) boveda and you're golden.
  • I have Mrs. Brog Cigar travel humidor
    It has a good seal and keeps your cigars fresh. Very well made. Perfect size for a travel bag or vehicle.  Depending on the size cigars you use, that number will vary. This doesn't bother me at all because it's not meant to carry a bunch but just s few
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