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Bad Partigas

Bought a box of Partigas (red label, Robusto, about $80).  TERRIBLE construction.  Too tightly packed, even with 5 holes drilled thru, will not stay lit, uneven burn, just a mess.  Gave up about 1/2 way through.  HUGE disappointment.  Is this a bad batch?  After nice previous experiences now reluctant to ever buy again.


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    Partagas what?
    I am assuming by red label, you mean a non-cuban red label

    Could be over humidification.
    Could be just off the truck that has been traveling in high humid areas.
    Could be a lot of things and you didn't indicate whether they were just bought, shipped or picked up at a B&M, what humidit you keep your cigars at or what.

    All these have an impact.

    In all the years, I can't ever recall getting a plugged non-cuban Partagas.
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    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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    Cuban Partagas are great and smoke like a freight train heading South. 

    BTW no seegar is perfect and u can always get a plugged one. Drilling all those bee holes will not help either. Poke it once and if it doesn't clear up it is a lost cause. 
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