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Newbie saying hello

Cigar-20011635Cigar-20011635 Posts: 2
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Hey all,
im a newbie in this world of cigars as well as this site. As you can tell I can't figure out how to change my screen name but I'll deal with that later!  

I'm from New York and have only been smoking cigars for the last 3-4 months. My friend says that I've bee a bit spoiled. He introduced me to cigars and gave me good cigars to start off with. The first was a drew estate herrera esteli and the second was a hoyo de monterrey epicure especial. I've had a couple cigars in college. But nothing that made me want to continue. Since the I've been going to local lounges and trying cigars that the they recommend me. I feel like when I tell them I'm a newbie, they usually give me cigars that are too mild (nat Sherman) and/or cigars that I didn't enjoy like a sacra folium cigar. 

I caught the bug and already want to buy some cigars to stash in a coolidor that I'm making right now. He desktop humidor already got filled up. My friend tells me that my palate likes the medium - full body cigars. Can anyone give some advice on what cigars I should try?  And how I should buy them. I rather buy at least a pack of 5 since I feel like single sticks are not worth buying in value alone. 

Thanks in advance!  And my favorite drink so far with a cigar is snapple peach ice tea!


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    matkn293matkn293 Posts: 3,565 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Welcome,  I would not tell them a newbie when you enter the lounge.  Rather say, this is what I have smoked and liked and let them lead you in that direction.  There are several different ways on CCOM to get samplers that fit your taste profile.  Look under the sampler selection.  You can also try a cigar of the moth club that will send many different types for you to try.  You can then purchase what you like from there.  
    Sounds like you are jumping in with both feet.  Take your time with purchases as your tastes will definitely change over time and as you experience what the world of the leaf has to offer.   

    Life is too short to smoke bad cigars!!!

    Oh when the Blues, Oh when the Blues, Oh when the Blues go marching in!

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    Bob_LukenBob_Luken Posts: 10,148 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Welcome. You are spoiled. Believe it. Be glad of it too.  Some of us develop our interest in cigars while living in the boonies and with no friends guiding us. Thank God I found this forum. Great group of guys willing to share what they know. (Most of them anyway, LOL.)

    OK, Here's my take on making recommendations. I don't like making recommendations. But in your case, I'll make just one. (Because these are the only cigars I feel like lighting up lately for some reason.) Try a Crowned Heads - Jericho Hill 4 cigar sampler. Comes in a box with 1 of each size to sample.

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    Cigar-20011635Cigar-20011635 Posts: 2
    Matkn - will take a look  at the cigar month thing. I also figured out to not say I was a newbie after the first few times of the store giving me crappy cigars. 

    Bob - I do believe it!  Let me take a look at the cigar sampler. My friend tells me that people who smoke cigars are usually nice and social and pretty much a close knit community. With that said...there's always people that are on the total opposite side of that as well
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