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RHUM - Dominican Republic Review

CrisiusCrisius Posts: 414 ✭✭✭
A Sweet Habano that's jumped right onto my favorites list.

Backstory: Got tired of what was in the box and decided to check the 3 stores in my area that carry cigars. Came across RHUM in a case in a thick plastic tube that felt like glass in the hand. If it wasn't for the click sound you get from flicking it, you might think it's glass. Was only 7.99 so figured I'd try it. About half the box was sold. Picked it up and brought it home.

First Impressions: The packaging is great. That shade of Red really calls to me. Still getting used to recognizing on site, I thought it was either a Habano or a Corojo. Upon opening it, which was a pain because the plastic isn't perforated at all had to nick it with a knife to get a tear point, I took a whiff and thought I had just opened a bottle of Kraken. Strong Rum smell too it. And I love me a good Rum. Felt a bit dry but I was itching for something new. A bit of a sweetness to the wrapped at first taste as well.

Smoking: It lit up just fine, burned even, and has a medium amount of smoke out put. Not thick smoke, but not thin and wispy either. Taste wise you can taste the rum like a Mac Truck hitting you. And if you like Rum, then this is right up your alley. If you don't like Rum, don't try this. I read a couple other sites before coming here, and they say "Notes of rum can be tasted through out". Now either I'm highly attuned to this taste or ALL 3 that I have gotten were purposely soaked in a VAT of RUM for a few months because it almost over powers the other flavors. I still get cedar and I get some spicy/earthy notes as well.

It seems to burn quick in the first off. Like all the RUM settled there and sped up the burn rate. On the back half it slows down. Takes me about 45-60 minutes to smoke through it with an even pace.

Rating, 5/7 Perfect score. Jokes aside, this is a solid 4.5 out of 5 for me. My only complaint is it's a bit too much on the rum taste for me and I really do like rum. If you happen to find these somewhere and haven't tried them, I do recommend them to you. Storage wise, I'd take them out of the packaging to store. But if you are shipping/gifting it to someone, leave it in the tube, since the Tube is part of the presentation and does make an impact.

Will be buying more of these when I get a chance.
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