new to cigars, need help with humidity

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I just get into cigars and recently ordered a humidor. i seasoned it and it has been steadily at 75% humidity. I've read that this is too hi and would like to get some advise on how to lower it some. Thank you.


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    Simple answer would be to leave the lid open for a while but nothing is as simple as it seems. There's a lot that can go wrong and lots of things that can be done wrong. You might give details as to exactly what you've done so far so we might be able to offer our best advice. 
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    How long has it been at 75%?
    If its been during seasoning for a week or two, you are pretty much on target. 
    If its a month after you seasoned it, as was said, open it up a little and see if it comes down. 

    What are you using for humidity?
    The puck that comes with?
    If so, toss it and get some Boveda packs. 

    What is the humidity where you live?
    If its high, then you will always fight your humidor being,high and again, Boveda packs help that.
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    75% in an empty, seasoned humidor is fine. It will drop when you fill it. Just make sure it is truly seasoned and your not reading 75 on the second day.
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    hi there gentlemen's I am new to the humidifiers, and to the cigar scene,,,learning from all this post little by little, am also having problems with my humidifier and calibrating my hygrometer, so I bought an inexpensive humidifier, season the box da wiping it down with a sponge and distilled water I repeat this for three days, spend $14.unknown brand, and $23.caliber 4R. two different digital hygrometers.after seasoning the humidifier, the hygrometers were reading 75f-80% and after reading some of the post here I learn that was normal, then it drop down  after two days, then I put a 72%boveda pack in the box because I read that this packs are known to do the trick, all my hygrometers were reading   77f-58% with the boveda pack in there then I test my caliber 4r with one of those boveda two way calibration kit, and notice that my hygrometer was off it was reading  73.4F-68% after being in the kit for more then 24hrs,,, so what I did was to take the boveda pack out the box, and I repeat the seasoning again but this time I waited and instead of using the boveda pack I use the cheap humidifier this box came with, and it seen like it stabilized the HR in the box,,I don't really know whats going on?is the box loosing humidity,,,and the hygrometer needs calibration,,,I grew the hygrometer in a ziplock bag today with a 72% boveda pack to check whats going on...any thoughts guys,,, 
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    Seasoning is a slow process. 3 days is just scratching the surface. And once it's seasoned, you will not see any stability until it is full. Calibrate your hygrometers. Fill the humidor up with bovedas. Seal it for a week or 2. You should be good to go.
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