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Fixing Bugatti CEO Lighter Trigger

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I dropped my Bugatti CEO Lighter from about two feet above my pavers which caused the trigger to pop and make it so the lighter wouldn't light.  @Bob_Luken on the vHerf last night said that you can fix this, so I went in and fixed it, and I took some photos along the way.  Working a champ now.  I purged the lighter before starting this, but this may not be strictly necessary.

Remove the phillips screw in the bottom and then slide the side panels of the lighter down over a pan so you don't lose the parts that are going to fly out when you open the lighter up.

These are the parts that fly out, a spring and plastic cap that keep the cigar punch door at the bottom from swinging in the breeze.  It applies enough pressure to a cam on the door to keep it open or shut.  Put these parts in the hole when you're ready to slide the sides back on.  Don't put the plastic cap in the hole without the spring first or you'll be trying to pry it out again, don't ask me how I know this.   :D

Here's the trigger, when it fell it no longer was able to pull down the latch that opens the gas and sparks the fire.  You'll put this trigger on the lighter without the side panels on and then slip the side panels on underneath the top part of the trigger.

Sorry for the bad photo, the squarish metal part shown in the slot is the trigger catch, the trigger needs to be on top of this (to the right).  I stuck some tweezers in to pull the latch down to make this easier, it's normally almost all the way to the top (right).

Put the trigger on over the latch and then you can remove the tweezers.  At this point you'll want to make sure that you put the spring and the cap in the hole at the bottom before you slide the side panels on, and then put the screw back in.

If this happens to your lighter, don't throw it away, give this a try.
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