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Yes Gout, I had heard of it before.  Did not really know what it was, just thought it was something old people got.

Well over the long weekend, the wife and I had Prime Rib and Shrimp one night.  For lunch had Cuban Charrasco Steak, Another night had a beautiful thick cur Rib Eye.  During the Holiday weekend I also consumed several bottles of beer with all that delicious food.

Monday I night I woke up with an aching big toe. I mean, just the bed sheet touching it hurt.
I had to go to work Tuesday, our Marines had a ship coming in full of Hurricane relief equipment and I had to have several trucks lined up.  Figured I would see the Doc Wed. morning and see what the heck was killing me.  Well damn,  Docs office closed on Wednesdays. So I went today.
By the Way, yesterday the pain became excruciating and the first 1/4th of my foot swelled to where wearing a shoe, even a sneaker was not gonna happen.
Doc said "you have gout, welcome to the club" Gave me two Rx's and hopefully I can walk enough to go to work tomorrow.  I am older, but not yet an old man.
Gout is no joke, I swear this morning cutting off my big toe did not seem like too bad of an option.  Watch what you eat and if you ever feel you are getting or have it, run while you can to your doctor, get the meds before it sets in.  Starting treatment early can knock it out for most, once it sets in the pain is like no other, forget touching the joint, wind makes it hurt. And it takes much longer to clear.  High levels of uric acid in your body settle in joints and causes PAIN.
Only good thing about is that I was home so smoked a morning cigar
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    The uric acid actually crystalizes, usually in the joint areas of turn-around circulation, the big toe being most common.  I've seen it in thumbs, elbows, etc.  The allopurinol seems to nearly always work.  Especially if you watch your intake of certain foods.  I've seen it in people in their early 20's, usually seems to run in families. 

    Some kidney stones are uric acid crystals, also, so watch your hydration! 

    Good luck, sorry to hear you're going through this.
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    I don't have it, but have been around several who do...

    Gout stinks.  I'm sorry, man.
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