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How to set up and season an ironsides Humidor for the first time

Hi guys brand new here and a serious cigar newbie.  I ordered the Ironsides 100-count Humidor in black for my first humidor.  I have no idea how to set up, season or store my cigars in here and want to make sure I do it the right way so I can get started right.  I have purchased some cigars and I want to know is there a specific way I should separate them?  I also have some in plastic tubes that are real Cuban Cohibas that I got while on my honeymoon.  Should these come out of the plastic covers to go into the humidor?  How about ones from this site in plastic covering? 

Thanks in advance guys


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    My Cuban is a little rusty but the only Cuban Cohibas in plastic tubes are mini machine made things.  Regardless, IMHO plastic has no place in a humidor. Unless there in metal or class tubos and havn't been opened, I'd suggest taking them out of the tubo.  I tend to leave metal and glass ones alone unless i know they have been opened then I pull them out.  If you open a tubo in a humid environment then close it back up you trap that higher humidity in the tubo.

    Post pictures of the Cubans and we'll try not to break your heart.

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    I realized I didn't answer your bigger question. Others will disagree but I've never had an issue with this approach: put a shot glass of distilled water in the humidor and close it up for a week. After a week check the humidity. If it is between 65 and 75 throw in your cigars with a 69% boveda pack and call it good.  If it lower, refill the shot glass and let it sit for another week. If it is higher, keep the lid open for a few hours or a day and check again (unless you live in a place where the humidity is higher than that).
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    Boveda seasoning kit; get a digital hydrometer; one 60 gram boveda pack for every 20/25 cigars. Season one to two weeks, remove seasoning pack, add in the regular boveda packs, if the humidity holds after a few days add the cigars in. Do the dollar bill test on the lid before you start. You may need to work on the seal. 


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    Hhhhmmmmmmm plastic tubos? You sure it wasn’t glass top box?
  • Hi Guys,

    As requested here are some pictures.  I basically put photos of everything I have thus far from my first order.  2 sets of cigars in plastic wrap, seasoning wipes, hygrometer, humicare, humidifier as well as the pictures of my plastic/metal tubos.  Basically I don't know what goes where and a friend said sometimes for humidors you need like some kind of fluid to run it......no idea if mine needs that or where it goes......how to use the wipes or really anything.  Then its how should the cigars go in and after how long.....left in plastic or removed from packing? 

    My Tubos are hopefully real......got them in the Caribbean for my honeymoon and a friend looked at one of the Monte Cristos and seemed like it was real.  Please let me know what to do to get started and thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    One thing you want to do first is put all your cigars in a good ziplock bag with the blue Humicare water pillow that probably came with your order or use your new rectangular humidifier inside the ziplock. (Add distilled water to it first. Always use distilled water for everything you do cigar-wise). Put them in a drawer away from any drafty conditions and away from sunlight. Now you can work on seasoning your humidor. I prefer the no-wipe method using a bowl of distilled water with sponge and allow that to sit until it's ready. Here's a video showing a no-wipe method. 


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    Cigar-20065730. I fully support Bob Luken's method as listed above. That's the one I've used on my humidors since day one. Do yourself a favor: toss that stock humidification device in the garbage and buy a half dozen Boveda 69% packs. They are virtually maintenance free and infinitely rechargeable. 

    Sorry, can't be of help on the authenticity of those sticks. Rodney @miller65rod can probably tell at first glance. 
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    The tubes look good need to see the cigars. Cap and band
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