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I think that I know the simple answer to this, but would like to hear some other ideas.

The other day the wife made a comment about being sure to put my pipe/tobacco up when not using it.  The spare room was taking on the smell of pipe tobacco.  While not unpleasant, its not the scent she wants to fill the house.   I have always kept my cigars in tupperdors in the dresser drawers while the two humidors sat on top.

With the addition of pipes and several small bags of tobacco, the room has taken on a nice pipe scent.  The only thing I can think of is to copy @Captain_Call and get a box of mason jars.

Or, store the baggies in a cooler up in my man cave/cliff dwelling, which many people call a loft.  Thinking about it, maybe the loft is not a good idea because she complains about the smell of gun solvents and such at times. Living in Florida, there is no basement and the garage gets much too hot during most of the year.

Any and all ideas are appreciated

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    Buy a case of half pint mason jars (about $6-$7 here).  The baggies do not hold the scent well. 
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    I've found that the jars really confine the tobacco smell but the pipes have their own distinct smell. I store mine in something like a coffee can or canister to try to contain that and haven't had any complaints
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    I've also found that the bags don't hold the moisture content well enough to be a valid long term solution. Your humidity is surely different than mine but I can't get away with the bag for more than a week. 
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    I guess I'm fortunate that I have a private space to store everything in (I work at home so it's my office). I do, however, store all my tobacco in jars based on advice I recieved on this forum. Pipes are on a rack on a shelf.  If I get my other house sold this summer I am going to got my office, seal the walls, add a sealed door, and ventilation then I'll be able to smoke in here as well.
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    My "pipe room" smells wonderful. I jar all of my open tobacco in Mason jars. I don't think the odor comes from those though. I think it's the 200+ pipes I currently have in there. I do keep some bull tobacco in my Viaje S&B jars so it could be from there as well. Those were intended to be humidors for the cigars but I'm not sure they seal air tight. So far the tobacco in there stays fresh like it was in a mason jar. Not sure how you could eliminate any idor unless you plugged in an air freshener nearby but would that have a negative impact on the tobacco's? Personally I don't think I'd do it. Maybe a smokers candle or one of those smoke eater candles. But would that work after it's out? If you don't have a place in the house you may have to experiment. I'd start with the Mason jars. 

    Just so you know the sweet tobacco aroma does not extend outside of my room. It's in the basement and you can't smell it unless you open the door to that room. 
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    I keep all of my pipe tobacco in mason jars. Does the job very well and they easily fit into the large drawer in my roll top desk. The cigars are all in humidors/coolidors, and the pipes themselves are on display in the 1930's Chippendale china cabinet along with my antique cameras and other nick-knacks. Get yourself a nice display cabinet - I paid $350 for mine at an antique shop. It does a fantastic job keeping the dust out and the smells in.

    All of this is stored in my office. Unfortunately I am not able to smoke in there because the bedrooms are just outside the door and the smell carries over pretty badly. However, it makes for a peaceful retreat while not smoking, and I enjoy spending hours in there reading/going through my baccy/tending to the bonsai trees. 
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