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i know I haven't been on here in some time. For those of you that know me I take care of my mother and she took a turn for the worse and I was having a hard time of it. I hope I didn't piss of those on here that I think of as friends. If you could all forgive me for being gone I would like to talk to some of you on the vherf again if you would allow me to. But if not I under stand I rubbed some people the wrong way. And I would like to say that I am sorry. I wanted to let those of you that met my mother on the vherf that she just passed away this morning 2am CA time 


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    Sorry to hear of your loss Arch.  When things settle down, stick around here again.

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    Thanks @Diver43
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    I am sorry to hear that Archie. You will be in my family's thoughts and prayers.
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    Sorry to hear about your mom Arch. Prayers. 
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    Welcome back!
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    Prayers to you and your family Archie
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    My condolences to you and your family Arch.  
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    Sorry to hear that.  I liked Bertha, she was a good person.
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    Thank you all for the kind words not easy getting though this I wouldn't wish this on anyone it's the worst thing witching your mother go though that we had hospis for her they helped a lot please keep on your prayers I can use all the help I can get I have never lived on my own she wa always there with me
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    So sorry to hear Archie, it's tough losing a parent. My condolences.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss. 
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    Thank you @Yakster looking forward to seeing you on the vherf soon
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    So sorry Archie, we buried my Mother last week, my prayers to you. 
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    I am sorry to hear that @TNBigfoot68 it’s not easy to go though
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    Condolences Archie, always enjoyed Mama Bertha's company on the vherf.
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    Sorry to hear Arch. Im sure you will be able to work through it. 
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    Hey, you gonna eat the rest of that corndog?
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    Good to see you back, Arch. Sorry to hear of your loss. Try to remember the good times buddy...sending thoughts and prayers.
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    Sorry for your loss Archie. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. 
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    Thank you all 
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    Sorry for your loss. Thinking and praying for for you Arch
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    You and your family are in our prayers.
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