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    Well, I've been having a great deal of success with the arrangement I have now using the NewAir coolidor as a bulk storage unit with 3 Rubbermaid buckets filled with goodies. The larger coolidor (Whynter) is still going strong and holding steady. I've started a new project, making a large humidor for all the bulk loose cigars I regularly age, and this will free up some room. I took the time to insulate it well and when it is finished it should do a fine job.

    A work in progress.
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    That sized Boveda pack should definitely suffice for that sized container. It never hurts to have more than one in there but if you do that it's important that you make sure all of the Boveda packs for a specific humidor/tupperdor/coolidor are of the same humidity percentage. For example if you want to use 3 packs and 1 pack is a 69% and the other 2 are 72% than they start working against each other and that is not what we want, no good. So you would want to make sure that all 3 Boveda pack are 72% or whatever relative humidity that you are trying to achieve or prefer. I have a 57 liter cooler that I use as a coolidor and I use two 60 gram 72% Boveda packs and my hygrometer in there reads at from 71.5 to 72.3 or so. As a little random fact I do live in Florida. So the air outside here tends to be like 100% humidity all the time. And that doesn't really transfer indoors completely. Obviously. But I don't think it hurts being down here. Especially if I buy some sticks and I've got a bit of a longer journey before I can get them home and in a humidor. 
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