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Monte grupo de maestro

tried one of these the other day just to see what it was. It starts off with a searing white pepper blast...it will clear your sinuses. First third was hints of hay,Sweet tobacco and a slight musk. It was mild in strength for the most part. The second third was the best being notes of gram cracker emerged and the hay and musk took more of a background. It slowly creeped to medium body at this point. Final third kept the same as the second for the most part but mint took a odd place in the profile. The Sweet tobacco comes back in as well and the hay stays as well. Still stayed medium bodied and the burn really slowed down. All in all it was a good smoke but didn’t feel it deserved the price tag. Burn was good all the way through and smoke output was good. For most I feel it would be pretty one dimensional since you had to really try to pinpoint the changes. It’s a subtle smoke and nothing in your face. I do recommend trying one if you can get a deal on them
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