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June Lotto!

EchambersEchambers Posts: 4,178 ✭✭✭✭✭

  • One entry per person; ante is five cigars.
  • You should be on the good trader's list--If you haven't officially "made the list" then let me know and we'll see if you can't get someone to vouch for you.
  • If you want in, type "In" or something similar. I'll periodically update the list so if you think you are in and you're not on the list, make sure I know.
  • I'll draw at the end of the month. You'll need to get a box out to the winner sometime the first week of July so if  you're going to be gone then and won't be able to send them out, make sure you include that information in your first post. Obviously, some of you will have holiday plans and may have to send later than normal. That's no problem - just communicate with the winner,
  • If you win, you need to make sure you post pictures of your winnings so I can track that you received everything.
  • You have to play for yourself. If you want to bomb someone else after you received you winnings, that's up to you but they all come to you.
  • If you don't pay, then you can't play again (that and you'll likely be publicly shamed.)
  • When someone wins, check their bio and if you have something you know they like then try to send that. Otherwise, send what you like and tell them why.  You should never feel obligated to go out and buy something new just to play.

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