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Ex employer trying to give me money since 2005

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OK, I get 3 or 4 mailings every month from from my former job. Not a thing ever amounts to a hill of beans and goes directly to the trashcan so Clara can root it out while I am sleeping and spread it all over the house.
"Important Verizon Savings Plan Information Enclosed
Action required
RE: Incorrect mailing address for Verizon 401K Savings Plan - Action required"
It seems the post office returned a check because of invalid address. 3 or 4 mailings a month, remember? So, in 2012 they cancelled the check and a lot of others. Someone evidently told them to make them good.
Now I have to decide if I want to fight the robots or just toss it in the trash for Clara. Verizon invented robots answering calls and it is something I never look forward to. I pity my poor wife when I pass and she has to make so many calls to benefits.
Since we had no choice but to wipe out my retirement in order to live after the tornado I knew it was not important. But, could I pass up the opportunity to mess with their robots one more time? NO!
After being transferred about 7 times I started to play. Punched numbers and kept putting them on hold. Finally it self transferred and a real live body came on the line. I pretended she was still a robot and kept punching the keyboard. Enough, and I talked to Jennifer as if she was a real person (I have my doubts with some of them, AI and all that) and we resolved the problem after I answered question after question to prove who I was.
In about 2 weeks I will receive a huge check in the amount of $24.75.
Ain't life a hoot......
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