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To much humidity

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In the summer here in my humidors I noticed my gauges running 70-75% and the ambient humidy in my shop running at 85-90%. The cigars were having a firmer draw due over humidification.  I found a simple solution . I take all humidification devises out of my humidors first. Then I take KL in knee high socks and put them in my shop refrigerator for a couple of days to dry them out. The KL then goes back in my humidors and I can see a 10% drop inside my humidors. The temp also drops reducing the chance of the dreaded mould.   


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    What's a 'KL'?

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    It's super fancy spy code for kitty litter. If it sounds crazy but it works, it's not crazy. Only certain brands work though
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    You want KL crystals that are non-sented. The socks are in the panty hose section. If the check out woman looks at you kind of funny just tell her that the panty hose is for your personal use. 
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