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Certain kind of torch lighter and cigar probe

Hey folks,
I have been looking for quite awhile now to find replacements to two accessories I lost.  It's a long shot but I figured I'd post here to see if anyone had any ideas.

I'm trying to find a replacement for a three torch translucent butane lighter I lost.  It looks very similar to this:  https://mountaintrailoutfitters.com/cyclone-lighter-asst/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInbDawMr53QIVDBBpCh0K0AqXEAkYCSABEgLkvvD_BwE
One big key difference though.  The one I had featured a round black dial on the entire bottom of the lighter that controlled the size of the flame.  This was *really* nice because I didn't need any tools to turn the flame up or off (although I could also see how some might not like it for the same reason).  I bought the lighter in a cigar store in El Paso, Tx for around 10 to 12 dollars.  I don't recall a brand name on it, although it for sure was *not* a Vector as I had asked for anything but. 

A neighborhood cigar store use to sell these probes that you could use to aerate a cigar.  They were silver in color, about four inches long, and came to a point.  You would stick down the middle running the length of the cigar to break up the middle.  It was hand held, not part of a slide assembly or anything.  It could be described as a cigar spike.  The cool thing about them is they had decorative designs at the top that functioned as a little handle.  Mine was the state of Texas in red, white, and blue.  I went through five as people would steal them during cigar events.  Sadly the shop is closed so I have no idea what they were called or where to get them.

Any ideas on brands or where to find these items would be *greatly* appreciated!


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    Welcome to the forum. (Best forum ever.)
    Take a look at Xikar "tech" lighters. They are about 30 0r 40 bucks, but the ironclad replacement guarantee make it worth it. They are available right here on cigar.com
    They may be discontinuing these. I see a lot of out-of-stock and back-ordered but, there looks like one triple flame left.   

    Tech  clear with flame

    And the Draw Poker might have been like these Havanna Savers. They might go by other names too. Not sure where to buy except maybe Amazon.com.

    Image result for cigar draw poker

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    Holy sh*t, I think you nailed both of them on the first try!
    Wow, thanks!
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    Holy sh*t, I think you nailed both of them on the first try!
    Wow, thanks!
    well done smile GIF
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