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A call at 3AM. WOW just WOW.

jd50aejd50ae Posts: 7,900 ✭✭✭✭✭
A lady calls my wife at 3am and it ain't bad news.
She asked about Holly's father and it was all good. She is making some sort of film about her father and two others.
It seems Holly's father and two other controllers were WWll air traffic controllers and a real life heros. I knew he was an ATC but the only story I ever heard was he was responsible for guarding the local prostitute camp.
Lots of info, too much to repeat here.
His base was responsible for under the radar bombing runs and they never lost a plane.
The 3 of them instituted bad weather landing procedures that are still in use today.
They are responsible for procedures for long range "radar" flights, and a lot more.
They saved a lot of lives.
Too much to take in and keep straight, will get back. My interest has been piqued.


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