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I find better deals online but there is something very pleasent  about walking into a cigar store or cigar bar and just seeing all the cigars and smelling that fresh  cedar and tobbacco. I live in Baton rouge ,La and we have three large cigar stores in town . Are brick and mortar cigar stores bucking the trend of disappearing mom and pops in favor of internet stores, or are they as doomed as eveything else? what is it like in your town? Have you lost stores or are there new ones popping up?
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    It takes a ton of capital and a lot of navigating red tape to open these days.  Where I live we have high ass taxes (not as bad as California) but high enough to deter opening a new one.  That being said none by me that are established seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.
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    It takes a ton of capital and a lot of navigating red tape to open these days.  Where I live we have high ass taxes (not as bad as California) but high enough to deter opening a new one.  That being said none by me that are established seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.
    We live in a small town area and there is really only one cigar store, but it also caters to all tobacco or smoke products. And I mean ALL smoke products. LOL!
    But he has a fairly good selection of cigars, mostly because he caters to me quite a bit. 
    I don't see it going anywhere, because the owner has diversified enough that even though cigars are a slower sale for him, the profit is still enough for him to stock things. And usually he orders enough new cigars that I have to "treasure hunt" every time I go in and since I am still a 5 year old, that treasure hunt is very satisfying when I find something new or hidden.
    And since he knows I am still a 5 year old, he hides cigars that he thinks are to my liking or are special cigars. 

    I buy quite a few cigars online, but the local owner knows that and also knows I am an impulse buyer and I will buy anything that looks good to me and knows that I will buy something right then, for $100 before I would spend $100 online. 
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    We have vape shops every, some have a few cigars but most are ignorant on how to store a cigar so they tend to be dried out.

    There is a nice lounge along my route to work but the street and parking is terrible for a long bed extended cab truck to navigate. Charlotte has some nice ones but very high end and again issues with parking my truck in downtown.
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    We have a few places in town 3 to be exact and a handful within an hours distance. I still drop in and purchase from them as well as relax a smoke a stick. Taxes are stupid here in CA but lounges are one of the few places you can smoke.
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    I think I was hearing about someone trying to open a lounge in Los Altos or somewhere near there, have you heard this David @NorCalR1?
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    @yakster I have not but I did here Mission Pipe on the Alameda is up for sale.
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    I have one little place a half hour down the road. They sell quorum and Phillies. So I might as well not have a shop. I still check when I'm feeling hopeful. Found some undercrown sungrown, shade and maduro last time so maybe they are moving in a positive direction. Theres some bigger population centers 1.5 to 2 hours away that I haven't explored. Just can't seem to find the time. I order online and smoke at home because I can do it on my schedule
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    There's BM/Lounge about 10 min north of where I work (1 hour from home) that I've been meaning to go to...Just never seem to have the time.
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    I have 3 within walking distance of my house, and all have a pretty decent stock. And another one a 15 minute drive that stocks Black Works Studio and Viaje! 
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    Boone is one hour away and has a mediocre store and Asheville is one and a half hours away and has a ok store. The one in Boone caters to the App State college crowd and the one in Asheville has been in business 20 years and is struggling. I hit the Asheville store when i can.
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    Yakster said:
    That explains a lot, @cbuck
    Yes! Yes it does!
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    I hope not. There’s nothing like being able too hang out with other cigar lovers 
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