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Hi folks I'm completely new here I don't know if there's anybody out in this forum that actually runs a large walk-in humidor at all I'm having a very large problem so right now I cannot get my large walk-in humidor to get anywhere above 40% humidity and now I am in Texas it does rain a lot and it gets cold it gets hot things fluctuate. I had to go out for surgery for about two months and when I got back for some reason I cannot get the humidity above 40% and I was working in there for a longer than a year about a year maybe a couple months and only had that problem a couple of times and then completely fixed it just figured out how to do it this time I am stumped so it is a 20 foot in length by 8 ft and width I've got several rows of cigars which I'll post somewhere here if I can pictures the problem is is that the only Spanish Cedar that is tiled in the entire humidor is literally on the roof. I'm sure the metal frame and glass surroundings are pulling away from a large concrete wall that is naked along the left and rear walls. Not sure what to do. I got put into this job because of an injury and I'm still learning this one got me stumped... anyone have any ideas on how I can but I don't know do something out of the ordinary crazy to maybe increase the humidity?
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