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My beloved little coffee maker passed away this morning, after brewing a perfect last pot. After so many perfect cups at all hours of the day or night over so many years she never faulted. Only once during a very long power outage would she not have been able, but I didn't ask her. She passed without a sound and no distress, I am glad for that.
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    I know in times of loss, say a pet dog, we give the grieving person some time to heal before we suggest they get another dog.  However, in this instance, I feel it will be best if we show our support for JD by giving him some options in coffee makers, especially since he hasn't been in the market for years on end.
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    my condolences, JD.

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    I’m still waiting to see if my coffee will use its power for good or evil today 
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    Good points, Chuck.  But I don't think you're allowed to post in this thread.
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    peter4jc said:
    Good points, Chuck.  But I don't think you're allowed to post in this thread.
    Just trying to help :)
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