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Good Afternoon Everyone
I'm new here and new to smoking cigars also I was told of this site. I want to know which cigars are good to smoke on and which ones aren't?


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    Welcome @josen_1981
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    Welcome aboard @josen_1981
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    Welcome @josen_1981

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    Welcome to the forum, @josen_1981 :)
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    I have a feeling I know this guy! 
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    Welcome @josen_1981. There's a CCOM Top 10 thread with member's favorites, done may be a bit strong for a beginner, you may want to start with something milder.
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    Welcome to the forum @josen_1981.  
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    Welcome buddy
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    0patience said:
    I want to know which cigars are good to smoke on and which ones aren't?
    They are all good and all terrible.
    Some that you like, I think are terrible and some I like, you will think are terrible.
    So you will have to smoke terrible ones with the good ones and make up your own mind.
    Did that help? No? 
    As clear as mud @0patience... 😉
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    We will never forget @josen_1981 thanks for the memories. 
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    A little late but welcome @josen_1981

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